Friday, May 25, 2012

The Big Move

On May 29th, we're going to watch a team of movers load all our stuff
from the apartment and our self-storage locker.  On the 30th we're
going to drive our two cars, three cats, six birds and an uncountable
number of computers from Philadelphia, PA to Oneida, NY.  On the 31st,
our stuff will be delivered to our new apartment, where we will have a
lot more space for about 2/3 the rent we are paying here.

Oneida is upstate, between Syracuse and Utica. It has the virtue of
being on I90.  Yes, it is the ancestral home of Oneida silverware, the
Oneida "People of the Standing Stone" Native Americans, and the Oneida
religious community founded by John Humphrey Noyes in 1848.  It's a
pretty place, very rural, but not remote.  The residents complain
about traffic when there are more than two vehicles in sight.

The relocation (and its funding) are for Jen's new job as a primary
care physician.  It comes with relocation expenses, substantial
payment of her medical school debt, and eligibility for the New York
State Underserved Area medical loan repayment program.  She's already
spent a week up there learning the ropes and even seeing patients on
her own.  She went straight from med school into research and from
there into the pharmaceutical industry, so this is a major career
change for her.  She got very tired of being the person who had to
tell the marketing people "No, that research study does NOT let you
make that claim!"  Supposedly it's hard to get a medical licence in
New York, but they were the first state to licence her after she took
the national exam.

I will continue to work on my trading and develop software for Limelight Networks.  They cache and optimize video delivery for video-heavy web sites.

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