Friday, October 8, 2010

My uncle Sonny, Arnold Q. Frost, passes

My guest book posting:

I'm very sorry to hear that I'm not going to be seeing my uncle Sonny
again in this life. I wish I could be there for Donna and the rest of
the family.

When I was a tot, Sonny was full of fun. He was the youngest and most
sporty and stylish of my uncles and that was a big influence on my
love of design as an adult. I remember one special car that he was
especially proud of around 1962. It was probably expensive. It was a
very sporty convertible with a white top (I seem to recall) with lots
of chrome on the dashboard and an elaborate radio.

I vividly recall his marriage, especially because Ruth was quite a
breath of fresh air in the family.

I think this leaves my mother as the only living sibling from that
vast family of 12. Hello to all my many cousins. Coming from a small
birth family as I did, I found you all rather overwhelming as a child,
but I'm overcoming that. Sonny would say "Just go right up to 'em!
You're family!"

My sister confirms that my mom is now an only child.   She didn't know her parents well, anyway, having been raised by her eldest sister after her parents died when she was very young.

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